Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sketchy Thursday Feb. 4

Here is my LO for the Feb. 4th sketch!  I tried a new technique with this LO.  I wanted to do some paint on the background, but I wanted it subtle and I didn't want to use splatters.  So I tried something with rubber bands.  I took a watered down solution of pink and white paint, put the rubber bands in it, plopped them on the paper and then bounced them up and down on the paper.  I like the way it turned out, but it really warped my paper.  I think I will try it less watered down and with a darker color of paint.  I think it will look cool if I do the whole page like that! 

I am using up a lot of my stash!  Some of this stuff I have had for years but haven't used.  The flowers and the titles, for example, I think are over two years at least.  It feels good to finally use stuff!

This photo is from October, when Charlotte wasn't moving around as much!!  She LOVED sitting in the Bubmo chair.  She out grew it in about 2 months after she learned how to put her feet down and arch herself backwards!  I still loved this thing though!  It was sad when we had to retire it.  :(


wendy said...

Man she's gotten big! Those bumbo's are the best, I'm glad she loves it. What a precious peanut.

Unknown said...

Love this one Audrey! Great combo of elements!