Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! More S.E.I...

This holiday is meant for reflecting on what we are thankful and grateful for...and that is exactly what I am doing today!  I hope you are doing the same and are enjoying time with family and friends!

These are my next few project for S.E.I!  I had asked my dad to send me some old photos he had, and these were two of the ones that he sent to me.  They are of just beautiful quality for the years that they were taken (1952, and 1953). 

This first was one of my grandma, whom I didn't really know because she passed when I was 3.  But I hear so many lovely stories from her from my dad that I feel like I know her!

More details HERE on the S.E.I. blog.

This next photos is really is of my dad's family when he was a little boy (he is in the back) during Thanksgiving Dinner!!! 

Again, more details on the S.E.I. blog!

Enjoy your happy happy day!!!!!!


Diana Waite said...

what a great tribute to your family--the colors are wonderful--GREAT job!!

Unknown said...

These are beautiful, Audrey!

Doreen Vasquez said...

Gorgeous layouts! Wow, you really did an excellent job w/ those older pics!