Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What's been going on...

I think I'm in a scrapping slump.  That is...I have all these things in my head but I can't get them out right, so I procrastinate instead.  I just cleaned my desk three times.  Ho hum....

This Sat. is the "All Star Roundup" at my LSS, and I will have my first attempt at a quick lesson to teach!  All the instructors come in and you do a 20 minute make n' take with a group of 6 people about your class that you are going to teach.  Then after 20 minutes you rotate to the next group.  All in all, you get to 30 people in 2 hours.  I am doing TWO 2 hour sessions, so I will have 60 people that I can try to convince to take my class!  I have been preparing my make n' takes for that, but I'm not quite done yet...it has to be simple and fast, so I think we are going to do lollipop flowers.

OK, so some recent things I have made:

At Ch{all}enge Masters, we had a one hour sketch contest on Saturday night which I hosted.  I bascially had people lift this LO that I created.  I made sure that I actaully completed it in less than 1 hour!  I think it took me 50 minutes.  I love this Studio Calico paper, and that one yellow flower on it, so I wanted to have a lot of it showing on my page.  I also used a piece of the Studio Calilco FabRips which I love, too!!

Also at Ch{all}enge Masters, the last set of challenges for the month were posted yesterday.  Last month, I took a poll to see what people like in a LO sketch.  I was nice and gave them a sketch based on what they asked for.  This month, I tried to do it completely opposite, and give them everything they DIDN'T ask for.  That included the following:

two page LO

MANY photos
symmetrical design
NO circles
White space....ummm...can't do this AND have a two pager, too, so I didn't do much white space!
Journaling strips? (I put a block instead, but you can use strips)
and a vertical title

We went to the most awesome museum in San Antonio on our trip a while back.  This man decorates toilet lids.  He has over 905...they are amazing....there wasn't a scrapbooking one, but there was a quilting one, a crocheting one, and one covered with buttons....OH and true to my March goal...I used scrap pieces of paper for this, too!

We did another "Lift Me Up" at Cocoa Daisy, basically where you get LO to lift, and then yours is passed on to the next person.  We have two teams compete, and this time I think it went through 8 people in about 6 or 7 days!  It was FAST! I am still scrapping Christmas photos, so I used one for this lift me up.

And last but not least, I TOTALLY forgot to post my March 15 challenge LO for Candy Shoppe Designs!!!  The challenge for this half of the month is to create a monochromatic green LO.  Green is my favorite color, and I use it all the time in my LO's.  BUT I had a real hard time with this!!!!  But I do like the way it came out, and again, I used my scraps!!  :)

I am working on a fun, spring-y, summer-y project that I can't wait to share!  It is simple, but I love it and I think Charlotte is going to, too!  :)


Jennifer Hope Longenecker said...

Fantastic LO's Audrey. I hear ya about being in a slump. It will come back soon. You know you only feel like you are in a slump right. Cause your LO's certainly don't show that you are in a slump.

Kelly Massman said...

Nice work. I especially like the two with green!

kate blue said...

am loving all of them! I'm in a scrapping mojo too -hope it comes back by the time our next DT LO is due!


Rebekah said...

Gorgeous :) I esp love the 'silent night' LO. So cute x