Monday, May 23, 2011

A few SEI pages...

I wanted to share with you today two pages that I have done for SEI this month.

This first page uses the Corrine line with it's bright and cheery summery colors!

Back in March one day, we went to the park and were excited to try and fly a kite with Charlotte for the first time.  When we got there, I knew there wasn't enough wind, but hubby insisted that we try.  Well we looked like idiots rnning around the field trying to get the stupid thing up, trying different stratagies and turning the kite this way and that.  Charlotte was just running around, and was having a good time at least!  :)

I misted the background of my page slightly and on the right side I cut the center piece of paper to fit the shape of kite tail.  I added a cluster of embellies and buttons to balance out the colors on the page.

I wanted to make my title a bit longer, but didn't want to use all the same letter stickers, so I printed part of it out, which I have never really.  But I love that typewriter font and will definetly use it again!

This next page was an attempt to get as many photos on a double page as I could about our trip to the arboretum when my mom and dad visisited in March.  I loved the greens in the photos, so I used the soft greens and purples and greys in the Couture line for this page.

As you can see, I did a TON of handmade flowers and added a lot of little elements to each grouping of flowers.

I would love for you to visit the SEI blog today and leave a comment!  Thanks for visiting friends!!

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Diana Waite said...

these flowers are WONDERFUL! just love the details on your layouts!!