Monday, May 30, 2011

A tour of my new Scrap Space!

Well as I mentioned a few weeks ago, I have had to give up my scraproom to make way for a new nursery for baby #2 who will be here sometime late July or early August (I hope!).  You can see a video of my old scrap space here. So I have moved my scrap space into our big family room upstairs, and I have to say that I really really like it! 

The whole moving process mad me have to purge a lot and get more organized.  My system pretty much stayed the same, but I added an additional shelving unit and bought some new nice containters and I feel great in this new space!

At each end of the room we have these little alcoves which are perfect for shelving and storage, so this is where the bulk of my stuff went.  I wanted to try to fit my desk in their, too, but it wasn't happening...too cramped.  I liek being able to have my Cricut and Big Shot out for east access.  I think I will use them a lot more now.

A close up of my papers and cardstock.  I had some Cropper Hopper vertical storage containers, but I got some other really nice ones from Ikea last wek and they hold a LOT plus they are sturdy.  I have to go back and label everything, but I know where everything is.

On the top shelf I have some odds n' ends, plus some small tote with embossing folders and dies in their.  The 2nd shelf down has bling, small alphas, brads, books, small stamps, and ink pads.

The shelves under the paper have ribbon, stamps, fabric, and other bits and pieces.

My punches are all stored on some rod and bins from Ikea.  I love having them out like this to see.  I also have a few jars of buttons and other embellies.

This is my desk space.  Above my desk I have tote with colored alphas, b&w alphas, and a bin of stickers and stuff.  Then there are some tin drawers with flowers sorted by color, and other containers of small brads and eyelets and bits,

The rolling cart to the right of my desk has tons of chipboard and mini albums that need to be used!  My Clip It Up holds some of my favorite embellishments.

The big black storage container to the bottom right of my desk hold all my current kits and design team kits and/or papers.  These are what I use most.  To the left are trays for scraps and my garbage can!
Well that is pretty much it!  I love being in this space because Charlotte can play and hubby can watch TV!  :)  Oh, and just to give you an idea...although my scrap space reaped teh benefits of organization, this is what the rest of the room looked like while I was arranging and taking pictures!  :)  Do you see Charlotte behind my chair? Yes, it is a disaster, but it will all be cleaned once we start putting things in the new baby's room!

Well I hope you enjoyed this!  Glad I got to share it with you! 


LisaM said...

Love the colors of your room! Is Charlotte in a basket? hehehe! Cute!

Diana Waite said...

good for you! LOVE all the organization, I need to do the same! :)

Alicia S. said...

This is fabulous! I got some great ideas for when I get to set my space up again. I promise I'll share pictures then. :0)

Unknown said...

I just love your new space and it's even better in person. Go ahead and clear off that table for me 'cause I'm coming over!