Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Go ahead and use those blurry photos!! August IE

You may recall from last month's challenge that the purpose of this Inspiration Elevator challenge group was to take our scrapbooking to the next level, to stretch our creative process and to grow as artists by embracing challenges that make us think, work and grow. 

This month our challenger was the very talented Lisa Moen.  Lisa, like most of us, doesn't always take the "perfect" photos. In fact, sometimes, the imperfect is all you have to tell your story. This month Lisa challenged us to use those imperfect photos to tell an story. Here's what she had to say about her challenge:

"I was digging through some old 1980's photos the other day and realized how bad some of the pictures were. Cameras have come a LONG way since then!

I have lots of pictures I haven't scrapped because they were/are poor quality pictures and I am sure you have pictures like that too. So let's dig out those blurry, bad pictures and tell the story behind them!  So my challenge to you this month is to use a bad photo and journal about it."

 I hope you will stop by and see what the designers on this adventure have created:

Laura Whitaker 
 Audrey Yeager  

  I took these photos just a few weeks ago on one of our strolls after dinner at the river.  I love going out at this time of night and the colors in the sky are just beautiful.  These photos I took while walking fast, trying to get ahead of the group, the the sun flare behind them, while it added to the effect of the photo, cause my photos to be a but blurry.  But I loved them and used them anyways!  

The colors of the sunset are what inspired the layers of colors on my page.  I arranged the strips in the order that you see colors in a sunset.  I also added a bit of paint in some sunset colors and splattered with grey ink, too. I used my July kit from Scrapbook Circle.

I was originally going to paint in some clouds, but I had some tiny could die cuts that I just traced with a black pen instead.  I like how this came out!

I invite you to play along with any of our challenges and add your comment below with a link, we would love to see what you have created..


Tracey said...

WOW!!! This is a gorgeous page!!!

Ann said...

I adore all the details you've added, including the traced clouds and lovely layers of pp under the photos. You remind me that I need to get out for walks after dinner, and to bring my camera! Great page!
- Ann Jobes

Cathy said...

Such an amazing layouts, as always. Love the photos, the have such a unique style and so inspiring!

Unknown said...

fab layout, totally evokes the feeling of a sunset! love your photos they are so sweet!

Lisa Spiegel said...

Oh my...all the delicious layers the misting, the sewing, the create such BEAUTIFUL emotions on your pages!!!

Diana Waite said...

what a FANTASTIC challenge! I really like all the layering and colors and yep even the pictures because they help tell the story! aWESOME job!

Christa said...

Audrey this is stunning! I love those clouds, the paper strips, the colours and how they evoke that evening. Great photos. Charlotte looks like a little fairy! I love the stitching and the circle. Hokey Doodle. It's fab.

LisaM said...

Love all your details on this Audrey! Fabulous job!

Carolyn Wolff said...

This is beautiful Audrey! I love all the details. Your photos are perfect too. Lovely!

Sue Sykes said...

I love seeing your layouts, Audrey - there are so many little details to get lost in! Love the penned clouds, the paint splatters and your photos too - lens flare and all!

Joanne said...

Amazing layout Audrey! The colors are just striking and I love how you worked with the paper strips and the paint splatters! Well done :)
Joanne xo