Monday, March 7, 2016

Farmer's Wife Quilt progress

Last year, I bought the Farmer's Wife Quilt book and was so excited to start!  I found a group on Yahoo Groups that had TONS of reseources, including paper piecing patterns for each block! Each week a new block is posted for you to complete, and your name goes on the "Achiever's List" if you finish it by the end of the week.  It keeps you accountable and I love it!

I completed 2 blocks with some scraps from a quilt I had made for my mom using Cotton & Steel Mustang collection.

Then I set them aside for about a year and didn't do anything!

I recently got motivated again and sat down with my C&S stash, print outs of some of the paper piecing patterns and paired them up with some fabrics.  I put them in baggies, and have been pulling them out here and there to complete them!

23-Country Farm

48-Homeward Bound

68-Postage Stamp

69-Practical Orchard

70-Prarie Queen

87-Star Gardener

97-Waste Not


My goal now is to keep up with doing at LEAST the weekly block, and adding in extras here and there when I can!

This is my most recent batch from last week:


11-Broken Dishes


 45-Grape Basket

I love the way this is turning out!

You can see more of my blocks and quilts in my Flickr gallery here:

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