Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Luggage Tag tutorial and more Bazzill projects...

I have got some more exciting Bazzil projects to share with Amanda's paper from The Quilted Fish: A tutorial and a layout today!

Before I share, I just want to state that I am an amateur at sewing at best, so when all you seamstresses see my sewing skills (or lack thereof), please don’t cringe! 

Amanda had visited my blog and made a comment about some luggage tags that I had made, so I decided to revisit these with her line of papers and fabric Divinely Sweet. So here is a quick tutorial!

I started by making some 4x6 cards that are going to be the actual tags. The front I decorated with flowers and such, and the back sides I used some lined prints to write my address and other info you might need on a luggage tag. I purposely didn’t use any bulky embellishments because although I want them to be pretty, they have to be somewhat practical, too.

Next, to protect the cards, I simply used a refill e protector from a 8x8” scrapbook. Fold the page protector in half vertically and crease. Machine stitch just to the left and right of the crease and then cut along the crease to create 2 pockets.

You may need to trim your cards a little bit to fit inside the pockets. Next, trim off some of the top of the pockets so they measure about 4” x 7”, leaving about an inch of page protector at the top.

On this excess edge of page protector, you are going to cut the back side off just to the top of the card. In this photo, you can see that the back of my card is showing on top, and I have trimmed the excess page protector at the top, but left the front piece on…this is so you can take the card in and out.

Next I cut about a 3” x 4” piece of fabric, folded it in half lengthwise, and freehand cut some scallops on the long edges. Open it back up and stitch this to the front of the page protector close to the card. See how the pocket still opens to take the card out?

Now fold the fabric and do a stitch along the top edge. Add a button hole so that you can hang it with ribbon.

On the bottom edges, take two, 7” pieced of fabric, baste and pull to make ruffles. REMOVE THE CARD and stitch each ruffle to the bottom edge on each side! Add some pretty ribbon and you’re done!

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Now for another project that is more my style! A scrapbook page! 

I don’t do double pagers that often, but I really need to start doing more because I have a ton of photos!!

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When I saw the Holiday Style papers, I thought of these photos of my daughter with that hat on immediately, and did a page about our adventures in the snow that day!

The cardstock is glazed cardstock by Bazzill that has glazed snowflakes on it. This is a pretty simple design, but I try to keep it more simple where there are a lot of colors and patterns involved. The snowflake transparencies are from Maya Road.

Thanks for joining me this week and I will be back next week to share my last project using more of the Holiday Style collection!!


Diana Waite said...

GREAT projects! Those tags are VERY clever!!

Unknown said...

Love the luggage tags and your 2-pager is soo fun!