Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ribbon Scraps Tutorial

I created thsi tutorial on using ribbon scraps for a DT call at Urban Anthology.
I’m pretty good about using scrap pieces of cardstock and paper, but I also have tons of ribbon scraps that I haven’t done anything with! You know the pieces that are too small to tie in a knot, or too frayed, or just not long enough for your page? I keep my ribbon scraps in a bucket and I thought it was about time that I did something with them.
Here is my bucket stash:

I began by cutting a piece of chipboard (you could use a heavy cardstock, too) to 3 x 12. I then covered the entire thing with double sided tacky tape. Here is the chipboard covered with the tape.


I randomly chose some pieces of ribbon from my pile and started adhering them to the middle line of the chipboard.


I started in the middle because I thought I would like the effect if some hung off the top and bottom edges. I used all shapes and sizes, and just tried to fill in spaces as I went along. I have to admit that I did have to cut a few small pieces of ribbon that weren’t in my scrap pile to fill in some spaces. I did try to apply them in such a way that the colors were somewhat balanced throughout.
This is my finished border:


Using some more of the scraps, I wanted to make some simple little flowers for my page. I cut seven different pieces of ribbon, all about the same size, and folded each in half and secured them with a glue dot. Then I attached each piece to the back of a button, and viola!


Because my ribbon strip and flowers were so busy, I went with a black and white photo, and a black background. I added some stitching around the edge, and some ribbons on the top right threaded through some eyelets to balance out the page.
There are many other ways to use your ribbon scraps, too! Instead of using all different colors, use ribbon that are the same color scheme and cut chipboard in different shapes. I cut out a chipboard heart and picked some red and pink scraps. I tacky taped the chipboard, added the ribbon, then trimmed around the outside. To make it pop, I inked the edges of my shape.


Here are some other ways to use ribbon scraps:
-Cover chipboard letters with tiny pieces of ribbon
-Use the scraps to create a frame around a photo.
-Sew ribbon scraps of different sizes and lengths together end to end and side by side. Or, try weaving your scraps and sewing them.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Where does the time go?

Yikes! I can't believe it has been so long since I posted.
Towards the end of July I left Texas to go to NY for the summer. I rarely had internet access and most of the time no TV. It was kinda nice, actually. I hardly got any scrapping done, as you can imagine when it is so nice outside you want to be out there in the sunshine!

Since I have been home I had a lot of kits waiting for me and I can't wait to start working with them! I have done a little bit with them so far. I decided I am going to try and start doing one LO a day...we will see how that goes! I have been getting kits from Cocoa Daisy and they are just phenomenal! Here is a LO that I made with their kit:

My term at Scrapbook Express is coming to an end...the DT there is so talented and the store is just amazing! So there is a DT call going on there right now that you can check out. Here are few LO's that I did for Sept. there.

I also made a few sketches for SE for Sept.

I have found a few new forums that I am really loving! I saw on PubCalls a One Hour Sketch contest at My Sketch World that I was actually able to do! It was so much fun! I spent the first 20 minutes just planning what to do (while I was feeding the baby!) and then just whipped it out! Here it is:

I am also doing the Got Talent contest at Urban Anthology. I have to say that this is one of my favorite LO's that I have done! It just poured out of me as I was creating it.

Back in July I did the ScrapWhispers game which is SOOO much fun. Basically, you are in a team, and you recieve a LO from one of the team members that you have to lift. Your LO then gets sent to someone else. At the end there is a big reveal and you get to see the progression...very cool.