Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Final Round!!

WOW! I have made it to the final round of the Layout Contest at Practical Scrappers.  I can't tell you how honored and thrilled I am to be in the top THREE!!!!  The three of us will now be voted down to ONE and I need your votes!  Please VOTE HERE.

Let me tell you about my page!  :)  This page was supposed to have our favorite manufacturer, favorite color, favorite tool, and favorite technique.  This one also happens to have my favorite little guy....:)

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My favorite color is green, and while I was deciding which pictures to use, I was feeding the baby.  His foods are mostly orange, or green, or blech/white color. :)  Anyways, I decided to use orange and green on my page with a white background to represent the colors of the foods the baby eats.

My favorite tool that I use on almost EVERY page is my edge distressing tool.  (I use one by CTMH).  I love distressing the edges to give a bit of texture and dimension.

My two favorite companies are Crate Paper and American Crafts.  But since I have use Crate Paper on my pages the last few weeks, I decided to continue with that.  I used papers and embellies from at least 3 different collections of Crate Paper. I used green papers that reminded me of peas, and orange papers that reminded me of carrots.  :) (If you look closely the green one has doodled circles on it and the orange has "baby carrots"  :)  )

Lastly, one of my favorite techniques is machine stitching.  I love to use contrasting threads and shapes to add a bit more chracter to my pages and help your eye travel around the page.  I also love how machine stitching just makes a page feel "homemade".

My journaling is on a "recipe" card that pulls out from the top. 

Kyler is a pretty good eater, but he has his favorites and his dislikes for sure.  He loves almost all fruits, is kind of undecided on peas, bananas and carrots, and detests green beans and acorn squash!  We make just about all of his food.  Being a SAHM, it is so easy and pretty quick for me to do.  We make large batches and then freeze them in ice cube trays.  He eats about 4 ounces of milk with cereal and two cubes of veggie and two of fruit at lunch and dinner.  He is still nursing in the morning (with a bit of fruit or yogurt, too, sometimes) and at night time takes an 8 oz. bottle of milk that I've pumped.  Our feeding schedule is pretty good right now!!!



Diana Waite said...

I LOVE the colors, the stitching is AWESOME an the subject matter is ADORABLE!! GOOD LUCK to you-I'm off to vote! :)

Brittany said...

I voted for you... I love this page, it's very special. One of your best, for sure!

Tammi said...

you just got my vote! Good luck Audrey!