Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Week 17

OK, well here it is! My first shot of my belly! This was right after I woke up from a nap, so I am a bit disheveled! Am I supposed to be this big already??? I have gained 12 pounds so far. It still doesn't seem real. I am sure that when the baby starts to move that it will seem more and more real.

I am feeling really great, and have never really felt bad this whole pregnancy. I was getting up to go pee 2 or 3 times a night, but that has definelty slowed down and i have tried to stop drinking water right before I go to bed. I have had a few "minor" pregnancy realted things: I coughed one night in bed and pulled a muscle in my abdomen; and I sleep on my belly, and in the past week or so, it has started to become pretty uncomfortable. I am tired (as usual) and took a nap yesterday and today. I am going to try not to tomorrow and get some things done, like make some Christmas cookies!

We had an ultrasound last Tuesday, and here are the pics:

In the first one, you can really see the baby's head and the hand and arm up by it's face. The second one the head is on the right, The third one is looking down on its head, with the arms sticking out.

So things are going really well! Keith is so happy, and I am too. After the holidays we are going to start working on the nursery!


Colleen said...

Now it is really going to start seeming like it is real. You look great girl.

wendy said...

Yep, sounds like the typically mommy things are starting for you...no sleep...peeing every 15 minutes...uncomfortable. But it's ALL worth it! The naps are the best, take many :)

You look great!!

ScrapMomOf2 said...

Naps! I cannot recommend naps enough!! AND, when the baby gets here . . . nap when the baby naps! Seriously the best advice I can give! Laundry will still be there, the house will still be messy, but a mommy that naps is a HAPPY mommy!! You look great!!

Marilyn said...

You look SOooo beautiful. The peeing wlll subside for a while and time will fly. Can't wait for Baby's arrival.