Thursday, January 8, 2009

Days 6-8

Well here are a few more days from the past week. I can't believe that today starts week 2 already, and I have been SOOO good about taking pics. It is kinda hard to do, to find new things everyday to take pics of. I guess I have to be more creative about it and really start thinking outside the box.


Today was the first episode of the new Biggest Loser!!!! I love to watch this show every week. Keith will watch it with me, but he makes fun of my facial expressions when I watch the show. Sometimes I get teary-eyed and he will laugh. We have this joke where we ask each other "Do you want to watch the Biggest Loser?" and then we stare at each other and say, "I already am". Corny, I know. Keith to a pic of me watching the biggest loser.

So since Christmas music is over for another 11 months, I have ggone back to my music "roots"! :) I was listening to an 80's station, and then a classic rock station, but Keith has his alarm set on 94.5 The Buzz, which is alternative and rock. I missed you guys!!!! I love the new Nickleback and Puddle of Mudd... I rock out with my radio really loud on my way to school every am.

Today we went to Lowe's to get the paint for the Baby's room! It was dead in there, so we picked a good night to go. They couldn't match the color of the furniture because it was too dark, I guess, so we had to try and match it as best as we could. The green, Jalapeno Jelly, will be on the bottom, and the light yellow, Champagne Dance, will be above the chair rail. The beige is for the bathroom, and the dark Brown Velvet is the color of the furniture. (The next color up from the yellow Champagne Dance was called "Cuddle" and I wanted that b/c of the name but it was a bit too yellow).


The first day of Week 2! Kinda boring....but we did this fun lab in class today where students had to "fish" with straws for beans out of their "ocean". It was hilarious watching them. The lab was supposed to demonstrate the concept of "Tragedy of the Commons", and I think they got the idea!

Me at working grading papers, which I HATE! It is the worst part about teaching!

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wendy said...

These pictures are SO fun! Each one is of something we typically wouldn't take a picture of but are great stories :). Ugh, grading papers! I have to work on action plans here at work and I don't like doing them...they all start sounding the same after awhile.

The paint looks like a lot of fun. I heart the 80's!