Thursday, July 15, 2010

Summer is here!!!!

Hello loyal blog followers (and all other visitors, of course!). I am in the middle of our stay in NY for the summer and it has been an absolutely beautiful time! We are spending our days on the lake and on the river, enjoying sweet corn and watermelon, going for boat rides and playing Kan Jam (look it up….its FUN!), swimming and going for walks. We smell like campfires and the woods, our skin is getting bronzed and our hair is turning light light blonde.  Yes, it is a wonderful summer here.

My head is filled with how all these events and moments are going to pan out onto all my scrapbooking pages! I brought some stuff with me, but haven't cracked it open yet.

Speaking of which, I have some FANTASTIC news!

First of all, I found out that I am going to be a guest designer this September over at Citrus Tree Studios!!!! I am very excited to work with the kits. The message board over there is quite inspiring!

Seecondly, I found out that I made a Design Team of a store that I have been following for a long time!!!! I am so so so so so excited to be a part of the Scrapbook Circle Design Team!!! The best best BESTEST part of this is the AMAZING ladies that I am going to be working with!!! I mean, look at this line up:

Tessa Buys
Lisa Spiegel
Jill Cassity
Diana Waite
Lisa Andrews
Jennie Blaser
Beth Perry
Diana Fisher
Julie Tucker-Wolek

And thirdly, I found out that I made the Crop Addict Design Team, as well!! I am new to this community, but I have seen a lot of familiar faces on the board. And it was so special when Debbie actually CALLED ME to tell me that they wanted me to be on the team!!! Here are the other fabulous ladies who made the team:

So guess what this all means??? I am going to be SUPER busy and LOVING it!!!! Be sure to check out the amaxing subscription price at Scrapbook Circle, and all the goodies in the store at Crop Addict!


Carly said...

Wow Audrey! so glad you are having a good time! Love your AC stuff and am sending good thoughts your way for the DT call! Congrats on all the other exciting scrappy news too!

Jscraps4u said...

Wow Audrey! Congrats!!!! You are on a roll! And those are some amazing ladies you will be creating with! WAY TO GO!

Continue to have a great time!

Miss you!

Vanessa, Florida, USA said...

CONGRATS on the two design teams! That's awesome news! Have a great summer time vacation!!!

Unknown said...

Congrats Audrey! I'm glad you're having a great time in NY but hurry up and get back to Texas!

glorygirl said...

Hi, Audrey! Can't wait to see what you're working on!!!
Just wanted to let you know, too, that you're featured on my blog today for scraplift saturday. Your work inspires me and I wanted to share it!!!!
Hope you're enjoying your summer!

KarenW said...

Oh my goodness. I signed up for the Scrapbook Circle kits, I think before you left! Love everything I am seeing. Missing your classes here.