Monday, August 23, 2010

So Sophie=So Charlotte....

I had the owner of Lonestar (the LSS where I work) order the So Sophie line by MME and I just LOVE these papers.  The texture is amazing and they are so sturdy.  Not to mention I love the patterns!

This first page I popped the photos off the page, and then put some of the embellies on the photos.

Isn't Chloe so cute?  She is such a good dog.  I have been doing tons of pages about Charlotte, and haven't done one about Chloe in a long time...she just tore her ACL a few weeks ago, and it may require surgery.  We are trying to see if it will mend a bit on its own, first.

For the next page, we used pop dots to pop of shapes of the same pattern as the background page.  I have seen this technique a lot lately, and I love the effect.

I used a sketch from Stuck! sketches for this page.

This last one is one of my favs.  This paper is so first I was thinking about just cutting out the squares and using them as journaling blocks.  But then I thought the page itself would be great for photo.

I cut out the squares with an exacto knife, sized my photos for the squares I wanted, and added PP to the backs of the squares. 

 For a few of them, I popped the paper off the back of the page, to make it look even more recessed.

All the flowers and leaves and swirls and such I fussy cut from a piece of paper.

OK!  So NEXT UP is some sneaks from the Crop Addict Sept. kit!  I will post them sometime this weekend!  Hope you are enjoying the last week of August!!!!


Lynn said...

Great layouts Audrey! I love the different techniques you used! And just FYI...our dog had the acl surgery when she was 5 and she is now 11 and has NEVER had any issues since the surgery! I hope it heals on its own but I can say the surgery worked for us! :)

WhiteRacoon said...

I love your layouts!
Always something new and interesting. There's a lot to look at, to wonder "how is that made?" and enjoy.
Thanks for sharing!
Good luck!

Kerry said...

I love all of these layouts but the journalling block one is awesome.

Alicia said...

Kristy and I really LOVED these layouts from your August class! We finished all of them immediately because we were so excited! Any teasers for your September class so we'll know what extras to bring? We are so glad you joined the team at Lonestar- we're lucky to have you!