Friday, June 10, 2011

Once Upon a Sketch and My Scraps...

I saw a layout a few months ago in Scrapbooks Etc. documenting a childs "22 things" they could do at 22 months, so I decided to take that idea and do a page of 24 things for Charlotte at 24 months!  (2 things at 2 years was kinda lame, so I did the 24 instead....:)  )

I had this photo for a few weeks intending to use it for this page, and when I saw the challenge this month at Once Upon a Sketch, it totally got me inspired!

Here is the sketch from Once Upon a Sketch.  The journaling challenge was to journal about a female, and that wasn't hard for me to do!

The other thing that really got me inspired was the new stuff I got from Your Scrapbook Stash!  Erica sent me some of the new Sassafras Lass Sunshine Broadcast papers and I LOVE them! 

I got to use the "Foldies" for the first time and I have to admit they are quite fun!  I did have to add some pop dots behind them, though to make them stand a bit better.

I also played around with some misting, stamping, and stitching.  I really liked the geometric pattern of the background paper, so instead of covering it up in the middle, I just misted it with some blue mists.  Then I added some Sass Lass borders on the top and bottom.  I also used a Jenni Bowlin butterfly stamp in three place on the page, and some Maya Road kraft journaling spots. 

My sewing machine is about 20 years old, and I had these disks you can put in to make decorative stitches.  So I played around with some and LOVE how these stitches came out!  You will definetly see more decorative stitching on my upcoming pages! 

And I don't usually share my journaling (other than what you can see on a layout)  but here are Charlotte's 24 things:
You know most of your colors (except red)
You still LOVE Froggie n’ Dolly
You are sleeping great in a big girl bed
You like to sit on the potty, but haven’t really gone yet
You think every animal says “moo”
When you spill something, you say “oops” and grab a towel to clean it up
You call yourself “Sha-Sha”
You can sing and hum the tunes to many songs
You can count to 6, but sometimes skip 3
You love beads
Your new favorite show is Thomas the Tank Engine
You walk up and down the steps without holding the railings (sometimes)
You can swim across the pool with your arm floaties on
You try and put on your own clothes
You said a 5 words sentence “Momma, I want more grapes”
You love mommy’s perfume, necklaces, and shoes
When you don’t want to go somewhere, your legs become “noodles” and you sit on the floor
You don’t stop running when I tell you to stop
You say please and thank you
You bring your stool over to the sink to brush your teeth
You help me empty the dishwasher and know exactly where everything goes
You still take a 2-3 hour nap most days
You pull my hand and say “show” when you want me to see something
Your hair goes to the middle of your back

This next page I did both for a challenge at My Scraps and More and the Crate Paper color challenge this month.  There is a summer long contest going on at My Scraps called the "Got Talent" contest.  It is not an elimination contest....anyone can play.  You just earn points for things that you complete. 

Anyways, I used some of the Crate Paper Emma's Shoppe papers to do this Mother's Day page.

I have to say that I hate this photo of Charlotte and I, but my hubby has no patience behind the lens.  I probably would have take 20-30 shots of this scene, but he took 3 and said "that's good". 

I did some misting on the background with blue and black mists, and some random stitching here and there.  I totally screwed up the stitching on the bottom element, which I wanted to stich over, but it got caught under my machine foot and went around instead...oh well.

Thanks for stopping by today and I will have more posts over the weekend!!!!


Jinny Newlin said...

Gorgeous pages, Audrey! LOVE the stitching and splattering and design of both. So striking! I've only ordered one stamp from Jenni Bowlin and was absolutely appauled by the quality. It's really awful and stretched out-of-form, but your butterfly is just beautiful!

Unknown said...

Okay, who's been the busy one??? I LOVE both of these!

Ella Swan said...

GREAT work - thanks for sharing at Once Upon a Sketch!!

Anonymous said...

Just love your pages Audrey, so beautiful! Always inspires me everytime :)

Diana Waite said...

I LOVE your 24 layout, the flowers are beautiful! Both creations are GREAT!

Irma said...

STUNNING! Kudos to you for including so much journaling!
Thanks for playing along with us at Once Upon a Sketch!

Nadia Cannizzo said...

Hey there how are you? This is an outstanding layout..both of them actually! I love your take on the Once Upon A...Sketch challenge. So so gorgeous. Love the journalling have given me an idea for my 2.9y.o! Your second layout is so beautiful too. Just awesome work. Well done. thanks for playing along at Once Upon A..Sketch,

sandi said...

Wow! Both lo's look great. Love all the detail and the sewing!

knopkiniukai said...

Wow great work.Thanks for inspiration, I did enjoy reading it :)

Cynthia Lloréns said...

Those page are gorgeus.....The first one..I love the photo and the journaling is amazing....I love to read every one the tags.
I love the second one too...the colors are gorgeus!!!
I came from Once upon....and I enjoy everything in your blog.
I´m follower now.!!!
I wish a wonderful weekend.
Kisses and huges from Brazil

Irini said...

Love your layouts! the details!
thanks for playing with us at Once Upon A...Sketch!