Monday, October 19, 2015

Two Quilts Showing at this years Quilt Market!!!

Are you excited as I am about seeing all these quilts and sewing projects this week in anticipation of Quilt Market?  Audrey Yeager here today to share two quilts using fabrics from Blend and lots of DecoFoil™ products, too. First up is a quilt using the Affinity Collection Fabrics by Jessica Gonacha Swift.

golden leaves

At first glance of this collection, I immediately thought of fall and felt the teal is a great contrasting color to the greys, yellows, pinks, and orange. And I thought adding a bit of Gold DecoFoil™ would really add some sparkle and glow.   First, I ironed on some Heat N Bond® Lite to the back of the fabric, so that I could adhere it to my white background.  Then, I added iCraft® Deco Foil™ HotMelt adhesive to the TOP of ONE fabric so I could later add my gold foil.

iron hot melt

I found a leaf cut file from the Silhouette American store and used a fabric blade to cut the leaf shapes from the fabric.  Since there were 9 leaves, and each leaf had 9 segments, I cut 9 different pieces of fabric and just mixed them up to get a more scrappy look.

fabric silhouette

  My background white blocks measured 12"x18".  I creased them down the middle lengthwise and arranged my leaf segments around the crease and ironed them on. Note that the paper for the Deco Foil™ Hot Melt Adhesive was STILL ON the fabric segments that were going to receive the Gold Deco Foil™.  If you added the gold foil first and then tried to iron the piece on, the gold would have have the sheen to it as it would melt in with the adhesive.  So it is important to iron on your applique pieces FIRST and then add the Foil.

golden leaves 8

Once my pieces were ironed on, I removed the paper from the fabric pieces with the Deco Foil ™Hot Melt adhesive and applied the gold Deco Foil™.  Then I appliqued around each leaf segment with a zig zag stitch and some matching threads.  

golden leaves 1

Finally I added a scrappy border around the edge of the quilt and I basted my quilt with Spray N Bond® Basting Adhesive. I quilted with a loose wavy line in between the leaves.  I chose not to quilt over the leaf segments because I wanted them to stand out more.

golden leaves 2

golden leaves 4

golden leaves 7

golden leaves 5

golden leaves 6

Next up, I was so excited to use the beautiful and colorful Treelicious Fabric Collection by Maude Asbury.

Treelicious Fabrics

a few of my favorite things

The holiday figures in each print really stood out to me, and I wanted to highlight them in the quilt.  So I went with a classic Economy Block, where the center of each block is a fussy cut image from the different prints in the collection.  I alternated the blocks with colored and white triangles on the outside to form a secondary pattern. Once I fussy cut each center square, I found used my DecoFoil™ Liquid Adhesive and covered many of the little parts in each image: a ribbon, the reflection on the ornaments, the swirls and other shapes in the flowers, and much more.

a few of my favorite 1

Once the adhesive was clear and tacky to the touch, I rubbed on DecoFoils™ in a variety of colors: Gold, Silver, Pink Melon, Teal, Iridescent, and even Rainbow.

a few of my favorite 2

a few of my favorite 3

I basted my quilt with Spray N Bond® Basting Adhesive. I then sewed each block, and quilted along each side of the diagonal lines to leave the centers of the squares to shine.

a few of my favorite 5

a few of my favorite 4
  I am so honored and excited to have this two quilts be my first ever at Quilt Market, and so thankful for the opportunity to work with Blend Fabrics!

Supplies: Heat N Bond® Lite Spray N Bond® Basting Spray Adhesive DecoFoil™ Hot Melt Adhesive DecoFoil™ Liquid Adhesive DecoFoil™ Transfer Sheets: Gold, Teal, Pink Melon, Silver, Rainbow, Iridescent

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