Saturday, August 16, 2008

This weekends goals

Call me crazy, but I want to get 10 LO's done this weekend. I know...CRAZY. Keith is working nights, and tonight I have my monthly crop, so I plan on getting 5 done there tonight, and 5 at some other point this weekend. Plus there is a mini album I want to do..ugh..maybe I should be working on stuff instead of updating my blog!

Anyway, I did this LO called Color My World with the pic that I took this summer of my mom and dads ADK chairs at their cottage. I LOVE this photo. I wanted to really highlight the colors, so I used only grey and black and white paper and embellishments:

Also, here are two LO's that I did a while ago (but haven't posted) for my Book of 8's. This book was supposed to have 8 pages with 8 photos that I completed in 8 days. I DID that, but I loved it so much, that I added more LO's. I like doing 8 photos because I take so many. This way it is easy to get them all scrapped, and I can pick the ones that I think sum up the event the best:

Easter Bread:

and Home:

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