Monday, September 1, 2008

Forgot about these!

I did some LO's last weekend and I forgot that I did them!! OMG I must be stressed from work to forget that I even did these! I put them up on a shelf to let them dry, and I found them again this am. For some reason, I have been doing a lot of 2 pg LO's..i guess it is just b/c all the photos I have and I am trying to get them all in.

Keith said that it should be "artS & crafts". He may be right (for once :) ) The girls (our neices)were so cute when we went to the park to do the crafts. I got so into it, though! I was going all out trying to make them these paper crowns, and they were like "Just gimme it!"....ah, must've been the scrapper in me trying to make it perfect!

This was from a while ago..this is/was our yearly golf tourney at the end of the school year at Chittenango. It was captin and crew, and the four of us: Lisa, Jason, Kevin, and myself, were always a team...I will really miss everyone!

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Kim Sonksen said...

This layouts are fabulous Audrey. I love your 2-pagers, they are always so full of fun and life!
Totally in love with the Arts'n'Craft