Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I've been CROWNED!!!

HOLY COW!  I am so excited!  I have won the "Crowned" contest over at Scrapdango!!!  The contest was four weeks long.  Every week you had to do a LO following the specific criteria and there were also other games, contests, and challenges along the way that you could earn points for.  What makes this so speical for me is that all the entries were VOTED on, which really really flatters me.  The other contestants did some AMAZING work. 

There was actually a tie between myself and Leanne. (I can't find her blog link if she has one, or else I would have posted it here!).  So I get to be a Guest Designer for a month and work with one of their kits!!  WOO HOOO!!!

Here are the four LO's that I did for the contest, most of which I have posted before:

In other news...(I feel like a news anchor...)..  sweet sweet Tara at Magpie Club featured my LO on her blog and also gave me the "Sunshine Award" for blogs that make you happy!

Thank you so much Tara!!!  And now I have to pick three people whose blogs make me happy! You three have to pass it on to another 3!

Thanks for inspiring me ladies!!!


Tara said...

I can't believe it Audrey, very well deserved but I also think you have the luck of the Irish. Another kit, you chose a good year not to buy any products!!

I am really thrilled for you, very well done. Tara xxx

melissa said...

congrats!! Your layouts are gorgeous :-)

Stacy said...

super layouts girly and congrats :)

Diana Fisher said...

Aaaahhhhh.. love those pages, and you are so sweet for tagging me!! You inspire me, too, so back at you!!! xo

Sally Cranney said...

Congrats Audrey! That's so exciting! Amazing layouts girl!