Sunday, August 29, 2010

My Little Pot of Gold

Over at Treasured Scrapbooking there is a contest going on right now called "Treasured Hunt".  Each week there is a challenge, and at the end of each week, only a few move on to the next round.  So the first challenge was to use:

Patterned Paper from THREE different manufacturers
Only ONE sheet of cardstock
Two pictures
5 buttons, and only 5 buttons
Your title must contain at least five words
Something handmade

OK, so it is so sad that I can go through my scraps and name every manu of each paper. BUT the good news is: I actualyl USED scraps! There are 11 different papers on here, but from only 3 manus:

in the rainbow:

red, orange: Jillibean Soup
Yellow, green, blue, purple: Cosmo Cricket (Delovely, Early Bird, Delovely, and some old Fleuriste for the purple!)
The background paper is Basic Grey
The title block is Cosmo Cricket (Snorkel) and Jillibean Soup.
The coins have the "lemons" from the Jillibean Soup line, too!
The butterfly papers are both Jillibean Soup.

So my 3 manus were Cosmo Cricket, Jillibean Soup, and Basic Grey

My cardstock was the yellow CS I used for some of the coins.

The handmade item is of course the rainbow, but the clouds, too, which I cut freehand from glittered felt and then stitched around the outside with embroidery thread.

Hope I make it to the next round!  This is fun!


Unknown said...

LOVE it!!!!! You're a shoe in for the next round I am sure.

Lesli said...

Absolutely beautiful!!!

Unknown said...

Love the rainbow! That is a great way to use up some scraps!

WhiteRacoon said...

Lovely rainbow! Very cute photo =) And the idea of the pot of gold is adorable =)

Debbie said...

Love your layout! So very creative!

Mel said...

Beautiful! Love the way you stitched the rainbow:)

Scrapenabler said...

Love your layout! So glad that you made it on to the next round. Can't wait to see what you come up with for it.