Friday, March 25, 2011

A Tour of my Scrap Room and using my Clip It Up!

I have a special special post today on the Simply Renee Clip It Up blog!!!   I am so excited to share this!

I did a little video of my scraproom BEFORE I had my Clip It Up.  On the video, I walk through how I organized my Clip It Up to fit my space.   I feel so dorky listening to myself!   Please please head over to the Clip It Up blog and watch my video...and you can leave me a comment about how dorky it was...:)


iamamiller said...

Hey Audrey - I didn't think your video was dorky at all! Enjoyed watching your organizational processes and am inspired to work further on my room now. I had come to a stopping place, not knowing what to do next....still love keeping up with you looking at your blog - we (my girls, too) all love seeing new pictures of Charlotte! Lisa Miller

Tara said...

Just watched your video Audrey, LOVE it, totally inspired. Might have to get myself a clip-it-up, it looks great.