Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Being Pregnant....Sketchy Thursdays sketch and Practical Scrappers Anniversary!

It is so funny that I was just finishing this page when I had Kyler on the 19th!  It was supposed to be for the Sketchy Thurdays reveal for that week using this sketch:

But I went in to deliver the day I was going to photograph and post!  So since it didn't make it for reveal that week, I decided to use it for some special happening's this week at Practical Scrappers! 

PS is celebrating their two year anniversary this week.  Every day, there will be special features revolving around the number 2!  And this weekend from Fri. til Sun. there is a blog hop where you can win lots of prizes and see TONS of inspiration!  So check the PS blog each day for special projects, contests, and lots of fun!!!

So back to my page.....

When I first saw the sketch, I knew I wanted to use the tall photo blocks as journaling blocks instead.  This is one of the few photo-less pages I have ever done and I just LOVE it!

I really love being pregnant, BUT towards the ends it gets so so tough!!!! So I made two "Top Ten" of things I LOVE abour being pregnant, and one about things I HATE about being pregnant!

It was quite the project though....I went through my entire stash of scraps looking for ledger prints and notebook paper prints.  I have at LEAST 10 different manus just from the journaling blocks!

I raided more of my scraps and some background papers from my stash that I haven't used in forever!  It felt so good to actually use things up!!!

A very simple design, and that was to make sure my journaling stood out!  :)

I would LOVE to hear things you loved or hated about being pregnant!  :)  It is so strange, now, not being pregnant anymore, but I have to say that I was so ready to be done and I don't really miss it, especially since we have this beautiful baby boy at home with us now!  :)


Diana Fisher said...

Love this page! So glad you still shared it with us. And I think it was good luck that you were working on a project when you went into labor. He'll be a creative one!

glorygirl said...

Loooove this journaling! Great idea, Audrey!

Erin Morehouse said...

beautiful page! I soo miss being pregnant. I loved the anticipation and daydreaming about who the little person growing inside me was going to be. I really hated dealing with gestational diabetes with my third, and I could have lived without the agonizing hip pain, heartburn,and varicose veins...but oh I miss it so lol!