Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Doodling like Amy Tan at Birds of a Feather..

So this month's kit at Birds of a Feather has AWESOME papers by Amy Tan (Sketchbook), and the Pink Paislee Christy Tomlinson She Art line.  I just LOVE both of these collections and they work just perfectly together because they both have the "artsy" look to them.  The bright colors inspired me to use photos from outside.

This first page I did a LOT of fussy cutting, so I kept all my other elements to a minimum.  Charlotte pedals her little tricycle so fast that sometimes her feet slip off the pedals and she can get them back on they are spinning so fast!  :)  But then other times it takes us an hour to walk around the block cause she has to pick up every leaf....anyways....

I fussy cut a lot of the "doodled" elements from the Amy Tan papers, and I also took some inspiration from AT and did a light watercolor wash on the background.  I didn't have any water color paint, so I just used watered down mists.  The only thing about using water on your papers is that it makes them buckle so, and this page would NOT stay flat when I tried to photograph it.

This 2nd page is really special to me.  Here it is:

And here is why it is special:

This 2nd layout I did just about 2 years ago when Charlotte started pulling herself up in the stroller and just letting the wind blow through her hair and taking it all in.  Well when we were out walking the other night, I looked down and had deja vu.  It was just perfect and I snapped the photo of Kyler in the same exact position.  So I scraplifted myself and did this page!

The Amy Tan papers have some great doodles on them, so I decided that I would try and mimic some of the doodles and use them on my pages.  The tag that come in the kit has a doodle that looks like a bike tire with spokes.

I simply drew 2 circles slightly off centered from each other

then drew lines starting from the middle and going past the edges

and continuing until I had this look!  I cut these out and added them to my page.

I also doodled some of the little 5 line "stars" by drawing 5 lines and then adding a little "knob" at the end and making the line thinner as I went back to the center.

Lastly, I didn't use this on  these two pages, but it is very easy to doodle the scalloped border that is on many of the patterned papers in this line.

I also added some dots and some little hearts!  I loved experimenting with doodling on my pages!


Megan Smith (aka Daisymeh) said...

Great layouts Audrey! I am such a terrible doodler. Thanks for the inspiration!

Diana Waite said...

GREAT layouts Audrey! love that your layouts about your kids in their chairs--SO fun! GREAT doodling too!

glorygirl said...

Awww....such sweet photos! How cool that you remembered and documented the same thing for both kiddos!

KrissyClarkMcKee said...

I loved watching you create these at the Archiver's crop, and I think they turned out fantabulously (yes, that is a word). Loved the doodling tutorial, too - makes me want to go out and start drawing all over my papers right now!