Monday, January 3, 2011

January Guest Designer at Cocoa Daisy

Well, I have been traveling and battling a myriad of colds and stomach bugs, and have just been plain wiped out from the holidays.  Christmas in NC, then flying through Philly immediately after "the storm", then to NY, and non-stop family and visitors ever since.  I will finally get back home on Thursday.

I was THRILLED to have been voted the "Queen of the Crop" during the fall crop at Cocoa Daisy in November!!!!!!  I got to work with the wonderful January kit, which I got early in December, but couldn't post until the reveal night, which was Dec. 28th.  But as mentioned, I have been sick and BUSY, so here it is finally!

This month's kit is called "Domestic Bliss".  Sometimes I think those two words make an oxymoron, but other days it's OK!  :)

Months ago I remember seeing a layout by Tessa Buys titled "SAHM", and I was just so inspired by it, but never followed through with the idea until now. (NOTE: I don't have my normal photography and editing equipment with me, or my laptop, so these are the best photos I have!)

I used bits of paper from almost every piece in the kit for this page!!!   My favorite thing about this page is my journaling!  :)   I just wrote about some of the day to day things I encounter being a SAHM.

This next page, though, I think is my favorite. 

This is a photo of my mom when she was about 3 or 4.  She always says that I was such a little stinker when I was little, and now my daughter Charlotte is, too.  BUT I never had a chance to ask my grandma how much of a stinker my mom was.  But I can tell from this photo (where she just darted right in) that she was one, too!  So The Apple Doesn't Fall Far From the Tree.

The kit comes with a Hambly transparency with a chicken wire pattern. I cut it up to make it look like I stamped the pattern on the paper.

I know for some people the steps in your house might be used for "Time Out", but our step has become a meeting place where we plan our day.
I had wanted to add some stitching to this page, but I wasn't home when I did it, so I will have to add some when I get back.

I used the pennant stickers from the Lily Bee stickers to make these flowers!

Lastly, I did a real simple project based on my "One Little Word" for 2011.  My word for this year is STRIVE.  I wanted to remind myself of this word daily, so I made some little cards to place around the house to remind me.  I am gonna put one on my car visor, in some coat pockets, on the mirrors in the bathroom, and on my computer and fridge!

You should really go check out the Cocoa Daisy kits and add-ons...they are amazing!!

I have some more reveals coming up including my Crop Addict January Projects and Scrapbook Circle!!  PLUS more S.E.I. pages for January!


Tessa Buys said...

Thanks for the shout out - I love what you did with your SAHM layout :). I also love the idea of putting your OLW in different places - very smart!

Sophia said...

You did a great job...

Doreen Vasquez said...

I love all your layouts but I am really inspired by your flowers made out of pendants; what a great idea! Definitely gonna have to borrow that one!

Unknown said...

love all your LOs..your word of the day cards are super cute

Diana Waite said...


Bente Fagerberg said...

Hi Audrey.
So many goodies to look at here.
And wow that's a lot of pages done. I shall definitely have to come back soon. Loking forward to being a Stash-girl with you the next months. Take care!